Welcome to my blog, the base for some lectures i’ve already given or i’m about to give and subjects i think are interesting. I love IT but you can expect most blog posts are about IT Security, IOT-related and Java based. But occasionally there will be other IT-related topics posted.

I recently had a scenario which i needed to be in a call and to watch a video they send me. But in the meanwhile the people started discussing while i needed to focus on the video. That’s the moment i found out that MacOS hasn’t got an easy VolumeMixer where i can mute an application like Windows could. As i’m no big fan of Windows I really appreciate some features, like the VolumeMixer. Therefore i started googling and found out that there is a solution and it’s located right here: . I’ve installed it through homebrew and it works like a charm. As I couldn’t found another free solution rather quickly which has the same quality I can advice this free solution which does exactly as it promises. If someone has a better alternative or knows a shortcut on the MacOS, please dm me on Twitter:

I’ve got a working title: The Woman Who Squashed Terrorists: When an Embassy gets Hacked – Chris Kubecka Great talk where I was so intrigued that I forgot taking notes on my laptop. Maybe that’s also because haven’t got my coffee yet ;-). She talked about her passion: Cyber warfare. And through some fun examples and experience she had she made you aware of the importance all the little things have in the chain of security. Even an easy password for an email can have a huge impact on an embassy. A gift can contain bugs or small IT compartments but also the people close to you can experience involvement. So a short summary, but the talk was great and I can recommended it to you. Unlikely allies: how HR can help build a security-first culture – Alison Eastaway She was pulling people of the hall which was fun to…

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Day 1 Remarks A first talk about the board members and some introduction about OWASP and the question of contributing to the community and getting involved. Explained about the membership and 50 dollar discount on owasp conferences. The wifi password was given and we’ve officially started OWASP Global AppSec AMS. The house is built on sand: exploiting hardware glitches and side channels in perfect software -Herbert Bos A talk about our fundament on sand, shaky and likely to crash. The exploiting of software which leads to finding zero-days for money. The focus shifts from hardware hacking to software hacking, because a lot of glitches are also to be found via Software. Mainly through the application layer like a buffer overflow. The hype to share everything, cpu, ram, etc. Sharing may lead to sidechannels and in this case the more dangerous it may become, sharing is not caring. Reliable Exploits, code…

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