ROS with Docker on Windows 10

I recently started to deepdive in the world of Robotics Engineers. To be at my best i’m installing and configuring several devices and ofcourse my development environment. I’ll make these posts to share the knowledge and to archive mine. In this post I’m setting up a Ros master on docker with the catking workspace folder […]


Switching lanes as a developer

I’ve chosen my study called technical informatics education for a deeper knowledge of computers. After i’ve successfully got my Bachelor degree I’ve worked for a middle sized company and short thereafter I’ve worked for a IT -consultancy company in the Netherlands. During my study I’ve encountered and learned a lot of languages like for example: […]


Security talk 4 devs!

Wow, after a few years of coding I went to a conference organised by OWASP. I always liked the ability to find a leak or exposure and even sometimes make fixes for it. But then again, i’m a software engineer and that’s what we’ll do, create and fix code. Or not? After the first keynote […]