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Day 1 Remarks A first talk about the board members and some introduction about OWASP and the question of contributing to the community and getting involved. Explained about the membership and 50 dollar discount on owasp conferences. The wifi password was given and we’ve officially started OWASP Global AppSec AMS. The house is built on sand: exploiting hardware glitches and side channels in perfect software -Herbert Bos A talk about our fundament on sand, shaky and likely to crash. The exploiting of software which leads to finding zero-days for money. The focus shifts from hardware hacking to software hacking, because a lot of glitches are also to be found via Software. Mainly through the application layer like a buffer overflow. The hype to share everything, cpu, ram, etc. Sharing may lead to sidechannels and in this case the more dangerous it may become, sharing is not caring. Reliable Exploits, code…

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